All the kids....well, almost.

All the kids....well, almost.
Sara due in September! Jess due in May!

Monday, March 10, 2014

oops, I did it again...

"Keep your arms & legs inside the ride at
all times!" 
I skiied again. 
A lot!  
Dr. Rosenbluth, then my Dad, and Chloe
My support staff!

We headed up to Alta on a beautiful afternoon. I tried the cart ski and had a great time!  

Casey the PT giving the all important instructions

Ready? Check.
Scared? Um....check.


We did 8 (yep, I said EIGHT) runs in a half day .  And it was heaven.

There were even times on the lift I forgot I was in the cart ski and remembered so many great times growing up...being with my family ... my sisters ... in Sun Valley, at Targhee, and even right where we were...good ole Alta, Utah.  I felt the familiar freeze on the lift; you know the one.  Where your forehead aches, your nose runs uncontrollably, and your lips won't move without great effort - because they are frozen in place.  I always loved being on the lift.  Sometimes more than the skiing part (shhh. don't tell) because I loved just looking all around from way up high and feeling, quite literally, on top of the world.  Carefree.  And those times on the lift provided so many teaching moments that, at the time, I didn't even realize were teaching moments.  My Dad took advantage of having us all to himself on the lift and we TALKED.
A lot. About everything.  And if only those lift chairs could talk, they would tell of many wise words and lessons that my Dad taught us up there ... and we never knew we were being taught such great - even profound - lessons.

And I remember talking back.  Not in the bad way.  But for some reason, being way up there on the lift, I would open up to my Dad like I never would have anywhere else.  I told him everything.  More than he wanted to know, I am quite sure.  But I would tell him about my friends, and my teachers, and people who bugged me, and my organ and piano lessons, and I'd tell him which of my sisters were bugging me - and WHY - and there was nothing off limits for me.
And I'd even ask questions.  That was a bit unusual for me, because I always thought I knew it all.  But up on the lift....I'd finally admit, in a roundabout way, that I actually didn't know it all, and I'd ask questions I never would otherwise.

Those memories flooded back to me.  They are good memories.  And for one minute I forgot I was in the cart ski this time.  I thought about clicking my skis together to get the snow off them - you know the drill.  And then I remembered my body doesn't respond anymore and I could think about doing that all day long, but it was never going to happen.
I  almost forgot that I was in the cart ski.

The best part about the day, though? Being up there again with my Dad.  On his beloved mountains doing his favorite thing in the world.
It was a good day.  Even on the cart ski.    

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AmberLou said...

Wow, you are such an inspiration to me! I have been reading all your wonderful recent posts and have been uplifted. Thank You! I loved when you reminded us to get down on our children's level and listen, go, do and see with them. It looks like the fun continues every day with your family! Do you have any news about Mat's job? Did you get a new cell phone because I've been trying to text you with no luck lately! I miss you and love you dearly! I think of you and your cute family often! Take Care and thanks again! :)

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