All the kids....well, almost.

All the kids....well, almost.
Sara due in September! Jess due in May!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


A few years ago, we had this family blog that the girls had fun posting family activities, ideas, and mostly we wanted to use it as a family journal.

Then I suffered this thing called a S.C.I. = Spinal Cord Injury.

It has changed our lives.

Every one of our lives have been completely turned upside down and altered.  There were some who suggested that for various reasons we should not blog. So there are certain areas we aren't going to blog about. And we will likely keep the blog private. But I am so proud of how my children have risen to the challenges that have come their way. They have survived and thrived in the midst of things most children won't ever encounter, and they've done it well.  So among other things, we are going to journal about that here.

We have had challenges that seem obvious. And there are other private heartaches that aren't quite as obvious, but nonetheless challenging. Yet here's what we know for sure:

1. Through the Atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ, nothing is impossible.
2. Families are forever. And we want to be together forever as a family.
3. That second chances are for everyone.
4. That the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Happiness provide the only way back to Heavenly Father to live with Him forever. We want to live in a way that exemplifies that we are disciples of Him.

We are learning new things every day.  We are still finding our new normal every day.  But every day we are plugging along.  We all do our best every day.  Some days are better than others.  Some days, if everyone is dressed (in pj's) and has eaten 3 meals (all cereal) and is snuggled down in their beds after prayer (even if the only time they got out was to have prayer), we count it as a success.

We just do our best.  That's all the Lord requires of us.  I know every day I wake up and want to do my very best. I don't wake up and wonder what harm I can do to my children to make them end up lamenting to Oprah in 20 yrs.  I don't wake up wanting to embrace the chaos and create filth. I want to wear a lovely apron, pearls, and a fancy dress, heels, and sing and hum a "happy little working song" as I twirl and skip around the house while baking a pie. Just like they did in the '40's. 

Guess what? It's never gonna happen.

  • First, I can't stand up to wear heels, twirl, or skip. 
  • Second, when I hum, turns out I'm flat. 
  • Third, I dislike pie.  
  • And fourth... apron, pearls, fancy dress...really?

But we are going to blog again.  Starting...NOW!

There's much to catch up on in the two years that have gone by.  A lot has happened with me. With our family. (Welcome, MASON! Welcome, Jess!) And we look forward to more changes.

  • Because fifth, we're learning to embrace change!  


Terri Park said...

I can't say it enough...You amaze me!
Love you and your family!

Katie Jensen said...

Gosh I'm all teary. Thank you. I needed to be reminded about second chances. I'm falling apart lately. Love your guts

Kim Winegar said...

Tissue please! You inspire me! Love you so much!!

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